About us

The love of dogs on the dog’s terms brought myself (Peta), Steph and Megan together. We are thrilled to be sharing this journey together including all the tears and lots of laughs. Here is just a little bit about us and our love of Nose Work.



I’ve had horses and dogs for most of my adult life, but only truly began my journey into dog training and behaviour 10 years ago. Personal experience with my current dog’s anxiety/reactivity has led me on a journey into the therapeutic benefits of Nose Work. How the simple, yet complex activity of sniffing and searching can influence the emotional health of our dogs is truly a revelation.

In July I begin my training as a CNWI instructor with the National Association of Canine Scent Work. 

I feel incredibly humble to be working with both Peta and Steph in K9 Scentral where we hope to introduce as many people as possible to the incredible activity of Nose Work, be that either in a solely therapeutic capacity, or in the fun and exciting sport of Nose Work and scent detection. 



I have had a lifelong association with dogs and horses, breeding and showing German Shepherds and German Shorthaired Pointers, as well as Quarter Horses.  I also competed in obedience, RallyO, and agility with my dogs.  Three years ago I went to my first canine nose work class and knew I had found my passion in life.  I currently train and compete in nose work with my 9-year-old Border Collie, Flirt.

Having experienced first-hand with two of my dogs the detrimental effect anxiety can have on both the dog and owner’s quality of life, I became deeply interested in the therapeutic effects that nose work can have on such dogs, as well the hugely beneficial effect on the dog-handler relationship in an activity where the dog is the expert and the handler the assistant.

I currently hold a Cert IV in Dog Behavioural Training through the Delta Society (Australia); am a Certified Professional Canine Trainer through the Pet Professional Licensing Board and a Certified Instructor and Assessor for the Pet Dog Ambassador program.  I commence study for my Certified Nose Work Instructor’s qualification with the National Association for Canine Scent Work in July 2017, and am enormously excited about the opportunities this will afford me.

I feel very privileged to work with Peta Clarke and Megan Bowe in K9 Scentral.  I really enjoy helping people open the door to this great dog-and-people activity, both as effective therapy for anxious and/or reactive dogs and as a fun and challenging pastime and sport for all dogs.

10483249_10152249312072693_7119829091271963764_o Peta

My journey with animals has been the foundation of my life. As a professional trainer of both domestic and exotic animals for almost a quarter of a bloody century I thought I had them figured. Then I found K9 Nose Work®.

Our ability to influence the behaviour of another ethically and successfully must begin with an ability to see (ok, maybe sniff) the world from their point of view. K9 Nose Work® is the window that allows us to finally do this for our dogs. Watching a dog in the hunt, working on following an odour to it’s source is fascinating and has given me an even higher respect of these most incredible animals. 

Sharing my lessons has been a life long passion which continues with Nose Work. What a joy to be able to do this with two of the most passionate and kind women I know.