K9 Nose Work® Workshops

Several K9NoseWork® Workshops are in the pipeline for 2018 in the Canberra Sydney, Orange, Brisbane, Goldcoast and Hobart areas. Info will be added on individual events as they are finalised.

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“building the Aussie K9 Nose Work® one sniff at a time”

Make no doubt about it – you have to see K9 Nose Work® in action to believe it. This time last week I was down in Canberra doing an Introduction to K9 Nose Work® Workshop. Here is some feedback from the day, which is pretty common but always gives me goosebumps:

” I just wanted to send a quick email to say how much I enjoyed Peta’s workshop. It was amazing to watch the dogs work out what the handlers were asking and watching the interaction between the dogs and their owners. I think you learn more from watching. In fact, with the exercise around the box you were willing the handlers to get it because you can see the dogs thinking. I loved it. My other standout moment was the last dog in that exercise who was fearful – how she just made it so comfortable. Letting the dogs sniff out their environment, letting them know they have an escape and can go away, sending them away and engaging on their terms. Loved it. Thank you for organising and please pass on my thanks to Peta. P.s stopped at Bunnings on my way home for boxes. “

K9 Nose Work® is taking the dog world by storm because of the incredible benefits this activity has for every dog. Dogs that suffer from stress or anxiety are especially blessed because of the therapeutic aspects of the opportunity to ‘hunt’ (an increase in dopamine and endorphins in the brain for starters) and due to the creation of a practical workshop where each dog is worked separately,  without the social pressure of other dogs.

In a K9 Nose Work, ® workshop dogs are invited to lead the way as we use their body language and overall behaviour to gain information as to how to create a session specific for their needs.K9 Nose Work® workshops are very different to any other dog-related workshop you may have been to. After 3 years of presenting them to groups around Australia, I can guarantee it will blow your mind.

The Workshop/s

The main focus of a Nose Work Workshop is on the physical and mental comfort of the dogs. Workshops are designed to run for 4 – 4.5 hours and consist of two short lectures and three working sections of a maximum of seven teams (dog and handler). The number of auditors is governed only by the venue space but should provide all auditors with a good view of the dogs while they are working.

If you are interested in learning more about hosting a K9 Nose Work® Workshop drop us a line via the contact form below.

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